Good Morning All

I will probably not be around as much for a few days. My youngest son is going into surgery for the removal of cancer in the nodes in his neck.  He had previous surgery a few years ago.  His thyroid was removed and they found cancer in all the...


On my shoulder she did glide Dazzling colors all around Slowly moving side to side Waiting now just to be found.   Pretty little butterfly Wants to find a perching place Cannot be just anywhere Has to be a special space.  ...

Talking about Tattoos.

I did it.   Got me a tattoo.....well, a temporary one anyway    Just wanted to see what one would look like.  I kinda LIKE it.  LOL   

Deep Within

Deep within the soul There lies a pool of clarity. Do not disturb The waters Or it will create A neverending disturbance creating an unstability that will not be rectified for eons.