Lost 2 A sequel to Lost

      Sable hesitantly approached the altar that she had taken the time to previously set up. Having taken over Lyle's mind briefly, she had begun thinking about what had been done and now what lay ahead.   Lyle Willett had been easy to...

DVD/VCR Installation?? NO WAY!!

Went out recently and bought a combination DVD/VCR.  Brought it home and opened up the box today.  Read the instructions.   Immediately called for help.   I have a relative coming over later this week to install this little hummer. Afraid I...

Lost (A story)

He  walked along the  dark, rainy streets, hood up, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.  It was easy.  Most people who saw him, just ignored him or moved away from.  His demeanor told others to just stay out of the way….OR ELSE.   Lyle...

Deep within ~~ haiku? ~~

Deep within the depths Lie feelings and emotions That scream to be heard.   Thanks to my teacher!!  CJB    

Don't argue ~~

Don't argue with an idiot; he/she will drag you down!  anon     And I will add:  Nothing said by you would make a bit of difference anyway.